Thank You for a great 1st Digital Death Day

The first digital death day was a great success. We had 30 people from all over the US, Canada and one person from the UK. Leaders in different fields all related to digital death had in-depth self-organized conversations.

A main theme that emerged was around the issues surrounding digital assets and property rights. Until this question is figured out, we don’t have much ability to answer many of the questions that were raised. We have begun a group & a mailing list open to any one interested in the topic if they express interest in joining.

Sessions convened were as follows. As notes come in, we will link to them.



  • What would an open-source public private partnership mode of digital legacy preservation look like?
  • Thinking about Forever
  • Economics of Domain Names and Online Memorials
  • Legal Context, Terms of Service and Best Practices for Social Sites and Services
  • How do we reach out to social network/media services then part of conversation


  • “Safe” Media Hosting Requirements.¬†Privacy/Terms of Service, Preservation, Sharable, Collaboration, Beneficiary


  • Identifying Digital Assets, Listings, FrmD?
  • How Can Funeral Directors Help/Join Families in Preparing Their Digital Death.
  • One Physical Death, Many Digital Deaths: How to manage multiple personas Post-Death


  • How do people who do not have digital content create and preserve “something” online?
  • Digital Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Binding property dispositions // ¬†Can I will my Virtual Farm? Virtual Items/Currency and REal World Value: Who controls after owners Death? // Digital Identity/Legacy: Privacy vs. Access & Collaboration


We will be hosting another Digital Death Day November 12th after the next Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View. Other events are also being considered for DC (1st week of September) and London (2nd week of October).


This day would not have been possible without our sponsors. Please check out the services they have to offer in this field.

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