One Physical Death- Multiple Digital Deaths

Notes from 1st Digital Death Day Session taken by Stacey Pitsillides

3 identities – SL, work, wordpress , blogs for multiple identities asked at She’s Geeky, (3-5) personas how you manage your online identity define personas in different ways
twitter- break out and two separate twitter ids
different shared interests
wouldn’t care or would be annoyed
stuff that other groups of friends wouldn’t be interested in and then there’s stuff that people would be too interested in… top level interested – geeky details
friend in SL who is both president of synagogue but is also a huge sexual dominant – wouldn’t want to know
separation and segregation – access – after death
work addresses to do personal things
online manager point of view – used to use their work address but cant get a password
not sophisticated about deciding where the access is going to be

online dating – send stuff from your real e-mail address who is this guy?Find him, find pictures – real identity – reality check – guess! Don’t understand how easy it is for people to observe them .
3rd guess for a password – mess with them
Social network is unique – Different subject matters Alternate lives
Issues are still the same but the motives are different – transparency
– who? And how are they connected?
Hypothetical: got a upstanding life and secret life – legal structures 0r what they would put in their will – assets go to my sister on the (BDSM) site … good thing for the company or service to provide a private site , out of will mechanism to notify what has happened
make sure companies add as their terms of use they add that you can add a beneficiary might delete or do nothing
Internet Identity Workshop – policy
meta data tagging
speaking on public mailing lists and not understand that its public
social norms that develop around respect – never intending it to be how they are seen in a public – where info was aimed at – pulled across networks – actual authorization
persona – vivid- avatar – a possible direction – SL – I don’t want this avatar to be able to be populated by someone after death –reincarnated – had a virtual or romantic relationship –
trademark a SL character – people who try to become their personas
girl genius – people in SL role play – major villain – his characterexists in SL – look like
trademark – law – part of your estate
ip 2003 developed by inworld creations – any pictures I make – input – I own the trademark and the copyright – creator – legal cases – suing SL  for copyright equipment – copy textures and scripts and then resell – developed that into making those transactions  – taxed for currency transactions – irs – gone that far – copyright infringement cases – someone has had their scripts their picture their items infringed on – not taking enough actions to prevent the theft
files – server – real – intangible – easily copied and moved – created authored anticipated in service contracts for years you own what you create but your licensing it to us
Who gets what, if something happens to an avatar?
3 yrs they have run a nightclub in SL / owning of building blocks in SL / possible for people to build thing out of several prims which looks like whole – no right to remove prims – if something happened to one of them, could not rebuild or edit- permission by the joint owner – modify art which is not solely reproductions of 2D art – died gave his rights to his partner – all artists a should do – rest of the estate feel about this – fight – legally ??? Final wishes
Legal communal property – sizable major assets- converted into real world money – who should get those virtual assets RL – spouse hasn’t gone into SL – structured things over the centaury’s – not going to follow the state organized formula  – designate a beneficiary – bank account – helpful – not going to change overall rules on inheritance –
better to go to a company ? Account identity – this identity and this sort of passwords –
Can a person decide what secrets die with them – never had to deal with in this way before.
Just here the person who controls my account – executioner – is my bro but he isn’t the one who will access she knows where the lines are a little bit in my life.
People have different voice – professional voice – private voice –management of my account – one persona getting master access – I have a couple – family identity vs generic public identity
Theoretic possibility personas that have legal standing but aren’t necessary linked back to you services in the name of that persona (limited liability persona) – potential solution – you have to do transaction with your real name and identity (delink) – break structure
Concepts about personal data stores/ data banks
Thinking about services around those – identity, oracle – people =
massive data set online – yes/no questions to build trust in a certain context where you wouldn’t see all of it but you could probe it  – all the data of your whole life – can I make the data I’m creating now automatically go into my data
bank – fragmentation – all my info – auto designate someone who could go to – password managers – identity management systems – legal and technical – tied to tech ( I can designate different beneficiaries for
different sets of data) activation code, access ?? Integrated with a password manager Not just a repository – dashboard – convergence
Funerals for a avatar – not dead themselves – wired – actually die, I have been to at least one memorial – no attempt to have the avatars representation or bury her – one funeral for someone who left SL – Victorian funeral – really nice picture – bell that rings – named it after her – airplanes – memorials make an SL funeral kitschy and apply
Religion and religious practices – parody, religions, pagans, find just about anything on the grid people tend to take, SL celebrates relay for life – March to July and a lot of activities which have to do with raising money for cancer research – tease each other about being immortal there’s and acknowledgement of death and loss and that
sort of thing. Funerals, picture of the avatar gather at certain time gather, sharing stories , friend of the woman who died , logged off now that her good friend died
Freedom and anonymity – griefer mindset – lolz and awful where the idea is to get laugh by provoking people into emotional angry responses

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