Materialization of Digital Death

Materialization of Digital Death
Session Notes: John Romano

– social grief

– comparing online memorials to social networks

– transformation of social profiles into memorials

– people don’t care about their own profile but have strong feelings about other people’s profiles

– a memorialized profile still “belongs” to the deceased
– people talk TO the dead on profiles, not about the dead

– tasks of grieving
– requires talking to the dead
– also requires talking to the living

– pattern matching makes people mirror what others are doing
– creates shifting norms that people follow

– declaration of purpose of the place defines how people act

– is the social network the right place to grieve?
– what people really want their social network to do
– mixed social spheres often makes communal grieving difficult

– there are third party grieving sites that are more intentional places to grieve

– messages from the dead

– avatars

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