Digital Death Day for Funeral Professionals

Death is a part of life, but what does death of the physical self mean for the digital self? This is a conference focused on this question and others around “digital death”.

  • What does it mean for loved ones of the departed?
  • What does it mean for professionals in end of life care and post mortem services?
  • What does it mean for online tool and service providers?
  • What does it mean for estate and legacy planners?
  • What does it mean for governments and public records?
  • What businesses are serving this market?

A funeral professional touches every aspect of the death process, from the first call to the engraving on the headstone. A funeral professional is the go-to person in the community when individuals have questions about death. As our culture is changing and progressing, so is death and the death process. Funeral professionals must be prepared to answer new rounds of questions, like: What do I do with my loved one’s social media accounts?

Join some of the most progressive members of the funeral industry for a daylong discussion into digital death and how we prepare to answer the questions being brought forth by a new generation of customers.

If you are a:

  • Funeral Director
  • Pre-Need Sales Person
  • Pre-Need Counselor
  • Funeral Celebrant
  • Estate Planner
  • Legacy Planner
  • End of Life Planner
  • Death Attorney
  • Clergy

This is the conference for you.

Register Here!

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  1. David Bishay says:

    Very interesting & highly relevant! Thanks!

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  3. This question and other death-related online issues will be explored.

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