Digital Death Day Europe 2011 – Success

We had a small but engaging group for Digital Death Day Europe 2011 on Nov 11th in Amsterdam. We were lucky enough that a the owner of a funeral service joined us along with students, professors, people building online services focused this area and privacy advocates.

It was held in the Tropenmuseum (Museum of the Tropics) that has an exhibit on currently called Death Matters. The exhibit is very moving and covering many different aspects of death and how it is celebrated around the world.

We will have photos and notes up soon. Sessions included:

  • Live online after you die. A conversation about the possibilities and ethics of this
  • combined with: Archives of the Self and Digital Heritage: What is the future of our Data.
  • Sharing passwords?
  • There will be a next facebook – so your digital data life is at risk.
  • We think about “identities” online, but in mourning/remembering there seems to be a concept of “personality” or “essence” How does this translate online/digitally?
  • Personal Data Stores & Services along with the Locker Project
  • “Manage” data for people “inbetween” Life and death with diseses etc.
  • What should a deceased person/”user” be able to “do” within the functionality of an online account? (new relationships “friending”?, what gets frozen, etcetera..)
  • (Why) does the internet lend itself to the idea of the immaterial and therefor a medium to the dead? (Does technology facilitate this?).

One of the outcomes is going to be to outline the possibility of a special kind of OAuth token that companies that provide people services online “post life” could use to interact with these services.  The community of companies that provides services in this area are all on our list – SUBSCRIBE HERE

The current practice of such services is to ask for a list of all the sites you use/have accounts with and some of them go so far as to ask you for your password – how ever when you die, you might have changed the password.


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