DDD London Oct 2012 Agenda

We had a fabulous day of indepth conversation and new insights.

Session 1:
A: Annoucing Death and Mourning Online: How to strike a Personal/ useful balance. Do we use technology to replace the act of togetherness or do we use it to facilitate it more effectively.

C: Should the right to privacy extend beyond death? (Not necessarily a legal question!).

Session 2:
A: Unstable Timeline (Identity on Facebook), Moruning on Social networks.

C: What Tech is available to professionals in the “death” industry?

Session 3:
A: What can be done that hasn’t been done yet?

B: In the context of bereavement: Is online community as “helpful” as “physical” community throughout the mourning process? Is there a difference?

C: Power of attorney on digital life?

Session 4:
A: Online tools and services for the terminally ill…What exists? what should? Do sites have policies for this type of person to “transition”?

B: Embodiment, Authentication and Technology

Owner of digital assets and estate? How is this past one?

The future of digital death day? What is next for this community? =)

We look forward to getting your notes and input from the sessions!


January 2013 update: Notes from three of these sessions are now available in Vered (Rose) Shavit’s blog, Digital Dust, in this link. More pictures are available in another post by her, here.

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