The first Digital Death Day was held May 20th and was organized by the adhoc group below.

You can see the original invitation here on the blog and the follow up post here.

Digital Death Day, an unconference,  is being convened by an ad-hoc group:

Kaliya Hamlin is a leader in the user-centric digital identity community. And in exploring how people are empowered with tools around their identity, it was a natural extension for her to think about how this would also encompass people’s digital identity in death. The idea for this event now arose out of conversations with Pierre Wolff.

Pierre Wolff, a committed kiteboarder who has come to terms with his mortality, has recently been initiated into the world of human expiration through his work with SympathyTree.com.

Ryan Thogmartin runs ConnectingDirectors.com a progressive online publication/networking site for funeral professionals. “Ryan is one of those young, energetic members of the funeral service profession – one of those leaders for change,” commented Kim Stacey, Executive Director of the Association of Women Funeral Directors. “With Connecting Directors, he’s showing his strong commitment to creating a global community through an online platform where funeral service professionals can network, and get the cutting-edge information they need to stay ‘on top of their game.’” He also works in sales for his family’s burial vault company, Hupp Stiverson Wilbert Vault Inc., Ryan has a background in sales and marketing, which gives him the ability to give funeral professionals the ideas and strategies to help increase their bottom line through the offering of quality Wilbert burial vaults.

Jennifer Holmes has worked in hospice.

Joseph Boyle is an all-around great tech guy currently working on MyDex personal data stores.

Suzanne Long is a Torontonian with more than a passing interest in death or funeral notices, obituaries and genealogy.

Another aspect of the context for this event, and why it will be immediately following the Internet Identity Workshop 10 (IIW X). Between IIW 8 and 9, two members of the identity community died: Nick Givotovsky in a tragic farm accident and Don Bowen after a multi-year battle with brain cancer.  The deaths of these two colleagues brought up the question of what happens to your data after you die.

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  1. Debra Joy says:

    I’m so glad to see this is happening, and your organizers are a wonderful blend of folks who face this experience from different aspects. We created Bcelebrated.com to help people come to terms with their mortality, leave messages for those they will leave behind one day, and contemplate their life as they are living it.

    I love to see others offering people ways to face death, as I know it makes us embrace life more fully. Bravo.

    Debra Joy

  2. Julian Wheeler says:

    I am planning a casual social function to celebrate my Annual “Death Day”.
    Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010
    Time: 6:30 – 9 pm
    Place: Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe
    Address: 4757 – 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105
    Please rsvp to Julianwheeler@hotmail.com
    This event will serve to remind my friends and others about the importance for planning for their ends of life. If you can post this, that will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your work.

  3. Bruce Hallas says:

    Really very interesting questions. Inspired me to tweet about the event. I work in information security and it has made me think that on the whole our industry doesn’t consider the implications of information security after you pass away. We work in the present so to speak. Do you have any rights to privacy, etc after you leave the physical life?

    I enjoy exploring information security issues and how they effect life. If you are interested I’d be happy to discuss whether there is anything we can explore together.

    Kind regards,

    Bruce Hallas

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  7. Simon says:

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  8. Simon says:

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  9. Hi I’m looking forward to learning more and meeting others regarding this subject matter. I’m the founder of SevenPonds currently a blog to share end-of-life experiences. See all of you at the conference!

  10. roger Sherman says:

    Lots of luck!

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